Formed in 1951, when the longbow was fast disappearing from the shooting line, the

Society celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2001. The Society currently has approaching

2000 members in Great Britain and Worldwide.

The British Long-Bow Society perpetuates the use of the traditional recreational

Longbow for two-way Target and Clout shooting, by arranging Bow Meetings for its

members throughout the British Isles. It endorses a Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers

and Fletchers who are able to make equipment to the Society’s criteria. It assists

a number of clubs and organisations who use the recreational Longbow, and many who

organise their own traditional Bow Meetings to the Society’s Rules of Shooting. The

Hon. Membership Secretary maintains a list of “Longbow friendly” clubs which can

only be kept updated if members supply details of such clubs.


Whilst recognising Roving, Hoyles and Field as legitimate forms of archery, the Society

does not itself organise such activities. The Society is not a re-enactment Society.

Bow hunting being illegal in the United Kingdom, the Society does not support this pastime

Aims of the Society

Firstly: To safeguard and perpetuate the traditions of the English recreational Longbow as shot in and before 1951.

Secondly: To provide opportunities for members to shoot in the old two-way style, at English Target and Clout rounds, in a pleasant and relaxed manner, for the Society’s Awards and Medals.

Thirdly: To encourage the craft and traditional skills associated with traditional bowyery and fletching.


Insurance details are contained in the current Events Guide as published annually by the Society.